Why Do You Need Double Pane Windows?

The days of using single window panes are long gone. In fact, double pane windows have just taken over the market. Double pane windows are all the rage right now since they outperform single pane windows in every aspect! Many of you reading this article might be wondering, why do you need double pane windows.

Actually, double pane windows can help you save on utility bills, soundproof your house from noise, and protect you from extremes of heat and cold! They are great at doing that, besides looking spectacular.

Now, just switching to double pane windows can't be an easy decision to make. You must first know what makes them so unique! Also, you need to get a brief overview of the installation and replacement of these double pane windows and how to do it. So, open the window of your mind and keep reading to enlighten yourself about these facts!

Why Choose Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows have much to offer over regular dull windows. The most important thing they do is that they can control the ambient temperature of your home and block the noise from down the street!

But that's not all. These windows can contribute to several wonderful things you may not know about. 

Forming The IGU

To be fair, double pane windows are also popular as Insulated Glass Units (IGU). The name has significance. In this dual pane system, the window consists of two glass panes separated by a space or gas. Most commonly, the gas here is air or Argon. Some also use Krypton or Xenon.

In fact, this gas helps to form a barrier that keeps away the coldness of the winter and the heat of the summer. Side by side, it helps to keep the air inside warm during chilly days and cold during sunny days. That is, it acts as an insulating system for the house!

Cuts Down The Utility Bills

There’s nothing greater than double pane windows when it comes to saving energy! Most of the time, people living in houses with dual pane windows do not realise this until they shift to somewhere with single pane windows. So, you may get used to paying less on utility bills!

Moreover, these windows can save up to 24% of energy during the winter and about 18% during the summer. So, reduce the load on your HVAC and get used to reaping the benefits of these double pane beauties!

Low-E Glass and The R-value

Usually, double pane window glasses have a Low-E (Low Emissivity) coating on them. It helps to control the IR rays entering through the glass, blocking about 96% of the rays. Thus, it protects the house from overheating.

Also, the Low-E can reflect a good amount of UV rays. The destructive effects of UV rays are well-known to all. Actually, the Low-E is due to the coating of metallic oxides.

Furthermore, the R-value is a unit of the insulating property. A 0.25 inches thick double pane window has an R-value of about 1.7 R. On the other hand, a single pane window of similar thickness has 0.90 R. The higher the R-value, the more excellent insulation it can provide.

Absorbs Noise

In this context, if you live high up in a condo, the noise from the streets may not be that accessible to you. But if you live in a crowded place, you know how disturbing the noise can be!

So, double pane windows have this outstanding quality of blocking sounds that single pane windows lack. Yes, you will still be able to hear the noises, but they will be reduced to a much-diminished intensity and loudness.

Double Pane Windows Installation And Replacement

By now, you have known one thing for sure – double pane windows are the best choice for your home. But there is so much to installing and replacing these units.

If you come across any houses from the 1980s still in good shape, you will notice single pane windows in them. They did not cost much and were easy to install or replace. But they couldn't offer the cool features of double pane windows.

So, most houses tried to switch to double pane windows. They replaced the entire window system with double pane windows. In the case of double panes, just the installation cost may be a bit high. However, think about the money you will save on energy bills later!

Installing double pane windows may cost about 400-1500$, depending on which quality you buy.

Also, if you start to notice a rise in the bills or some fogginess in the windows when it rains, maybe it's time to replace those windows. Also, some cracks in the glasses may be an indicator for replacement.

How To Install Or Replace A Double Pane Window?

Actually, it is pretty easy to do. For installation, you just set up the frame adequately and then insert your windows. However, you must remove the whole window and set up a new one for replacement.

Now, first, decide what you are trying to do. If you do not have any double pane windows installed yet, let's see how to do it. For this purpose, it is better to have two people install it. Or you may get professional help from Glass Doctors.

● Take proper measurements of the frame and the windows separately. It would help if you made sure the measurements were precise or the window wouldn't fit. Besides, if you are recycling old windows, remove all the glue and stuff from them first.

● Go for latex-based caulking sealants. Cover every inch of the frame, so the window has a waterproof and air-tight seal.

● Now, lift the window carefully so you do not break it. Use help so you do not anchor it at the wrong angle.

● Let someone else hold the window properly, and then attach the screws in place.

● You can also install new trim. But make sure to paint it before using it.

● Also, cover any holes with putty. Scrape off the excess with sandpaper and then paint over it to give a good finish.

● Lastly, test-try opening and closing the windows to see if you got it right. Also, don't forget to clean the glass!

Now, it's time to know how to replace these babies! For this purpose, you should replace the entire thing rather than just a single pane. Or you may end up ruining the whole thing and increasing the cost burden!

● First, remove the entire window panel. Remove the glasses, trims, sill plates, etc.

● Then, clean the entire frame and scrape off the dirt. Make any repairs needed.

● After that, take proper measurements of the frame. If you need any resizing, make changes as per requirements.

● Next, install the windows and adjust them appropriately. Also, make sure you get back the trims and casings.

● If necessary, add insulations or sprays to any gap in the window sills.


Having double pane windows has become a craze now. They look breathtaking and welcome nature beautifully. But most importantly, they provide you with excellent benefits that ordinary single-pane windows can't. So, why waste your time on that? Get yourself a stunning pair of double pane windows to fit that beautiful frame in your house!

Why do you need double pane windows? – Now you know why! Save your energy bills and save yourself from the chilly or sunny days to come. It will be the best investment you make in a while. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Have a great time!