Double Pane Windows VS Triple Pane Windows

Still don’t know whether double pane windows or triple pane windows are better for your windows? People have accepted the idea that double pane windows are much better than sing pane windows because there is one extra pane for better energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security. And that’s true. But will triple pane windows be better than double pane windows in every way? Whether we should abandon double pane windows to go for triple pane windows? We will help you with some ideas in this blog.

Double Pane Windows VS Triple Pane Windows

When we are saying pane windows, we refer to the layers of glass between the window frames. A single pane means one layer of glass in the frame. Double panes mean two layers of glass and one spacer created between the glass panes, and triple panes, three layers of glass and two spacers created. By the layers, we can see triple pane windows and 1.5 times thicker and heavier than double pane windows, which is one of the major differences between them. They are also different in energy efficiency, cost, noise reduction, and security, and other aspects.

You can barely see single pane windows in the current market for they don’t meet today’s energy efficiency needs. You won’t also see a quadruple pane window, either, for that will be too heavy and too strong, which is way too good to fit a common frame. Most people normally go for either a double pane or a triple pane window.

Energy efficiency

Windows account for about 30% of heat or cold transmission. When we are talking about windows, the No.1 key factor should go for energy efficiency. The more energy efficient your windows are the warmer winters and cooler summers you will enjoy in a long term. You will also save more monthly energy bills in a long term by installing more energy-efficient windows.

Double panes windows are a common glass configuration that many homeowners will choose because they are energy efficient. Double pane windows have a gap between the glass pane, you can just upgrade your energy efficiency to the next level simply by pumping argon gas to replace air between the spacer or some other ways. Double pane windows provide excellent energy efficiency that most homes require.

Triple pane windows are surely much more energy efficient than double pane windows. Due to one more extra pane, triple pane windows are thicker and much heavier, so the performance of energy efficiency is much better than double-pane windows. The same energy efficiency upgrade methods for double pane windows also can be applied to triple pane windows. The reason why people prefer double pane windows to triple pane windows is that they probably don’t need triple pane windows. Double pane windows are just good for their climate areas and their need for energy efficiency. That is to say, triple pane windows are good for a more extreme climate or those who require very high energy efficiency.

The easiest way to feel the performance of energy efficiency is not as professional as we have thought. Simply focus on those matters: Do you feel warm in winter with closed windows? Do you feel cooler in summer than it’s supposed to be? Do your windows get foggy in winter? Does it make a big difference between closing and opening windows? By questions like those, you have a direct feeling of how much energy efficiency your windows are. Then decide whether you should make some changes to your windows.


Cost is the second important factor when buying windows. A quality window at an affordable price is everything that a window buyer is looking for. Since triple pane windows require more technique process and more areas of glassing, and surely more time, to make, it will cost more than double pane windows. Another reason is, triple panes are heavier, which makes the glass installation more difficult, whether it’s done in the factory or on clients’ job sites.

Besides the cost for first-time buying, the cost of replacement triple pane windows is, again, more than double pane windows, since normally window replacements don’t change the frame. Be sure to consider those coats when you decide to go for triple pane windows for your new windows or replacement windows.

Noise Deduction

Besides energy efficiency, noise is another concern that troubles homeowners. Living in a noisy house and being difficulty to have a good sleep is horrible. It gets more horrible when you are living close to a bustling street or a busy traffic area. A window with 100% sound insulation is not going to exist, however, a window that doesn’t help reduce the noise is not just what we are talking about.

Noise mostly transmit by air and by materials. To reduce the noise, we can achieve it by stopping their transmission to the biggest extent. Generally speaking, triple pane windows are supposed to have a stronger ability to reduce noise than double pane windows. But it also depends on good sealing and good installation, making sure there is no other way to let the sound transmit between inside and outside once the window is locked. It seems the number of glass layers is not that much important in noise reduction.


Security is another thing that deserves our attention for window pane selections. A secure window brings security to a home. Triple pane windows are much thicker and heavier than double pane windows. It is harder to break into the house from windows, for breaking a double layer of tempered glass is difficult and time consuming, not even to mention triple pane glass.

However, security also has something to do with hardware. It can be easy to break into by damaging the locking system, rather than the heavy glass. Although many window suppliers claim they are using good quality hardware, you need to make sure they mean it. Otherwise, a strong glass pane matched by a weak locking system doesn’t make sense for security.