A sudden epidemic has completely changed people's way of life, but also prompted all walks of life to explore new marketing models. At 19:00 on April 8, the activity of "the first national online live broadcast of Warren doors and windows robbing factories" was successfully held in Warren doors and windows Shandong industrial base.

  The live broadcast of Warren's factory snatching activity lasted for 2 hours, and the live room had a warm response. The maximum number of online viewers was over 180000, and the online transaction amount exceeded 50 million. Warren doors and windows the first national linkage online live rob factory activity achieved a complete success!

  In this activity, the company is sincere in making profits and benefiting many products, breaking the conventional preferential form of traditional custom-made doors and windows products. For the first time, the company put forward all inclusive packages for doors and windows, and there are a number of process upgrading schemes to choose from, so as to give customers real discounts.

  On the live broadcast, Ding long, the national marketing director of Warren doors and windows, brought us the door and window knowledge dry goods, online guiding users how to choose and buy doors and windows correctly. Ran Guanghua, the technical director of Warren, through field experiments, makes people feel the difference between different product materials more intuitively.

  The ultimate award "ten thousand yuan subsidy for the replacement of doors and windows" was finally spent by Ms. Zhang, the sales representative of Huang Xiaoru. It is a perfect ending for this activity.

  The success of this live broadcast activity is inseparable from the efforts of all Warren family members and the recognition of Warren products by customers.