Daily maintenance of windows and doors in Warren system




● The newly installed windows and doors are not completely dry due to the waterproof glue. Please do not touch the waterproof glue within 48 hours. It is not recommended to clean the windows and pay attention to ventilation;

● The surface of windows and doors should not be in contact with volatile reagents, alkaline, acidic solutions, and should not collide or scratch with hard objects such as metals;

●  doors and glass appearance when stained, water should be used to wipe or cleaning agents; cleaning when cleaning, cleaning supplies should be noted that soft cleaning cleaning, to avoid hard objects or dust particles collide with the glass, scratching;

●The  outlet of the water outlet must be kept unblocked, and no foreign matter should be blocked;

●  Keep clean in the profile slot under the opening fan, try to avoid stones and other objects falling into it;

●  There should be no debris in the guide rails of folding doors and sliding doors;

●  It is not recommended to hang heavy objects in any position of windows and doors.