Are you looking for a pergola to transform your outdoor space into an aesthetic place? If you said yes, then this blog post is for you. There are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to regular or customized pergolas. Everything is entirely up to you and your preferences, from colors to design and embellishments.

However, choosing the perfect size is among the most crucial choices one has to make. Immediate and wrong decisions can ruin the entire look of your outdoor space.  That is why we created the pergola size guide so you can make the right decisions without them being challenging. Continue reading to know everything!

Pergola Size Guide

 Standard Size(ft')
Width Height Size
8 8, 10 8x8, 8x10
10 10, 12, 13, 14, 20 10x10, 10x12, 10x13, 10x14, 10x20
12 12, 14, 16, 20 12x12, 12x14, 12x16, 12x20
16 16 16x16
20 20 20x20


Pergolas have undoubtedly become the trendiest backyard decoration in the past few years. The sleek, elegant design goes beautifully with patios, rooftops, and open areas, but the correct dimensions matter the most. How big your pergola should be will likely depend on the location it will be placed in. Let us have a look in detail:

  • Small Patios And Decks

If you wish to put in a pergola to a compact patio or deck, you may opt for a 10 × 10, 10 x 12, or 10 x 14 pergola. 12 x 12 size pergola is the largest and most ideal that you can pick for a little patio. It extends directly into your yard and will impress you and your loved ones with your outdoor environment. You will also have a decent room for a tea table and some chairs for little gatherings.

  • Large Decks

When you consider installing a pergola over a larger deck, it implies you tend to get a bit fancier, or you want to broaden your deck area and include a kitchen, an outdoor fire pit, and integrated chairs. The ideal size for such planning would be 12 x 16, and it will look aesthetically pleasing and according to your preferences. 

  • Backyard

In the case of a backyard, you can pick any size that works best with your space. Pergolas can range in size from 10 x 10 to 16 x 24.

Take into account how you plan to use the pergola to choose the right size. If you want to add a cozy place in your backyard, a 3 x 3 meter would be the ideal size. But, if you intend to host large gatherings, a larger one would be the perfect size.

Pergola Size Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right One

Now, let us have a look at some factors you need to consider before buying the right pergola:

  1. Location

When selecting the size of your pergola, its placement should be your top concern. You need to make sure where you will place your pergola, and once you decide, you can purchase the most suitable size.

For a small deck, your best option would be to select a smaller pergola of size 12 × 12 or less, whereas, for a large deck, you should go for a larger pergola of size about 16 x 24. Check that your deck holds your pergola easily. And for a garden, the pergola can be of any size, depending on how you plan to use it.

  1. Furniture

Another crucial factor to consider is the furniture. First, decide on the furniture you desire and purchase, or keep a clear vision. Having the exact furnishings planned out can help determine how much room you will require from your pergola. Many people disregard this factor and regret it later. Therefore, make sure to plan everything before!

  1. Height Of The Roof

Another factor is the height of the roof. Before choosing the right pergola, it is always a good idea to take measurements of your roof. This way, both the height of the roof and the pergola will fit together smoothly.  

What Size Height Should A Pergola Be?

There are three standard heights for a pergola: 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. However, this is not necessarily the case because the pergolas' height would rely on their size and location. Overall, choosing the perfect pergola height is essential because if the pergola accidentally gets too elevated, it will not provide the best shelter from either rain or sunlight. If it gets too low, you might jeopardize the air circulation and gleam inside the layout.

Top-Selling Pergolas Types

Now that you have learned about the sizes of pergolas and factors to consider before buying them, it is time to discuss a few top-selling pergolas types. These are:

  • Highwood Weatherly Bodhi Pergola 3-Piece (With Swings)

The first most popular pergola type on our list is the Bodhi Pergola which is 12 x 12 in size. This pergola package comes with two outdoor swings to let you feel relaxed and comfortable and an installation kit with zinc-plated steel cords. The swings have a length of 4 feet and can hold two individuals.

  • Veikous Aluminum Patio Pergola

The next pergola on our list is the Veikous Aluminum Patio pergola which features a shelter canopy for relaxation. It provides a 130-square-foot outside area which is big enough for a group of pals to gather for an outdoor dining arrangement.

  • Sunjoy Maverick Modern Steel Pergola

Last but not least on our list is Sunjoy Maverick Modern Steel Pergola. It has a contemporary, minimalist design and a slatted border that offers additional privacy and architectural stability while displaying a faux-wood texture finish. You can easily host a dinner for about six individuals.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we provided information about pergola sizes, factors to consider before purchasing one, and some top-selling pergola types. If you keep everything into consideration as mentioned in this guide, we assure you that you will get the perfect pergola size for your space in no time. Best of luck to you from our side!