How Much Do Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Cost?

Windows can come in various types in different houses. There are double hung and casement windows if you prefer classical styles and tilt & turn and folding windows if you prefer modern styles. As there are varieties of window types, some homeowners pay particular attention to floor-to-ceiling windows, windows that are oversized and directly connected to the floor and the ceiling, forming a window wall and leaving no areas for the brick wall. You may have seen them in ads or films, and wonder how much it will need to get windows like those. We hope this blog will give you some ideas on that.

Why Floor-to-Ceiling Windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows, or full-height windows, are getting more and more popular among homeowners and they have a lot of benefits that a good house wishes to own. Floor-to-ceiling windows apply the biggest area of glazing and those windows are beautiful. They not only offer the greatest amount of natural light and warmth, but they also provide the best view for homeowners. More natural light brought into the house can make the house brighter and those living inside feel good.

Costs of different design

With its aesthetics design, floor-to-ceiling windows cost more than average windows. Every floor-to-ceiling window can be different in size and materials since they have to be made tailed to your specific opening and the main styles. So the costs are surely different.

About the design

Like average windows, floor-to-ceiling windows are made of a frame and glazing and sealing system (it might not require much hardware since they don’t open). So the final cost will depend on what material you select for the window frame. Wood frame is going to be more energy efficient than others while it also costs more money. For the glazing, insulated double glazed tempered glass are more energy efficient than single glazed. You also need to consider whether you need Low-E coating and argon gas filled to upgrade the energy efficiency.

About the Sizes

Every house can be different in the heights of floor to ceiling and width between the walls. The bigger the floor-to-ceiling window is, the more challenging the glazing design, which comes with a higher cost. Another thing is the design cost. Since every floor-to-ceiling window needs to match the specific opening, there is less chance your opening is a standard size, which means you need to work with one of those manufacturers who can provide windows of customer-tailored size. It surely charges more.

About the Opening Ways

Most floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to be non-operable. But it can also be a combination of operable and non-operable. The operable type is more expensive than the non-operable one.

About the Cost

Although we understand the cost of a floor-to-ceiling window can vary a lot, we are offering you a general price just for helping you with some basic ideas. The cost of a floor-to-ceiling window ranges from $600 to $ 2,000 per linear foot. However, the final and specific cost depends on your particular design.