Have you ever gazed at any door in your house and wondered why this door is here? Why not any other one? What purpose does it serve? If you haven’t, you must ponder over it as it’s always good to have awareness. 

Doors are an integral part of any building and they come in a variety of styles and designs to complement different applications. Today we are going to discuss various types of doors in detail. 

Garage Doors

We’ll start with the garage doors. The garage door protects and secures your house from different elements. Mainly it protects your vehicle including cars and bicycles from the blazing heat and extreme winter. If a vehicle is exposed to scorching sunlight for a long duration it can result the vehicle's paint to fade. Also, vehicle parts made of plastic are susceptible to breakage. What about the effect of the winter season on your vehicle? Well, the winter season sometimes gets merciless and it can exhaust your battery to the point that it dies. Not only does this protect your vehicles from weather conditions, but also it offers protection against any sort of theft or burglary. 

The garage doors are designed with this significant purpose of protection in mind. The materials used in the garage door's construction are resilient enough to withstand weather impacts. 

Garage doors come in many styles including slide-to-the-slide, tilt-up canopy, side-hinged, tilt-up retractable, and roll-up. 

Hot Sale Size(ft')
Width  Height Size 
6 7 6x7
7 10 7x10
8 7 8x7
9 7, 8 9x7, 9x8
10 7, 10 10x7, 10x10
12 7 12x7
16 7 16x7
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Hot Sale Size(in")
Width  Height Size 
72 84 78x84
84 102 84x120
96 84 96x84
108 84, 96 108x84, 108x96
120 84, 120 120x84, 120x120
144 84 144x84
192 84 192x84


Hot Sale Size(mm)
Width Height Size
1824 2128 1824x2128
2128 3040 2128x3040
2432 2128 2432x2128
2736 2128, 2432 2736x2128, 2736x2432
3040 2128, 3040 3040x2128, 3040x3040
3657 2128 3657x2128
4876 2128 4876x2128

Bifolding Doors

Next comes a very common type of door i.e. bi-folding doors. A homeowner installs a door that meets their specific needs. For instance, there are many people out there who wish to enjoy natural light, feel protected, and at the same time spend less time cleaning doors. For such individuals, bi-folding doors are the most appropriate choice. 

One of the best aspects of bi-folding doors is that they let adequate natural light enter your space. The ceiling-to-floor design (open or closed) allows natural light to shine in your home. So if you desire to enter a space that’s not dark and filled with sufficient natural light then bifolding doors are for you. 

Next comes a very important feature that is considered when buying different home appliances or materials. We are here talking about maintenance. Many individuals are not very much keen on cleaning windows and doors multiple times. Such people prefer bi-folding doors as they are super easy to clean. In contrast to other windows, they do not have multiple panes or frames which makes the cleaning process much easier. 

Sliding Doors

The sleek design of sliding doors always stands out among contemporary home décor. No matter what kind it is, it makes your house look magnificent. 

The best thing about sliding doors is that they make it easy to access backyards and patios. Individuals who love hosting parties in backyards love sliding doors because they make an ideal connection between the kitchen and the backyard. With sliding doors, homeowners no longer worry about any mishaps or hot food spills during the way. Additionally, sliding doors provide a wider entryway than swinging doors which limits space. Generally, sliding doors give a deeper opening with a tucked-away panel. 

 Hot Sale Size(in")
Width Height Size
96 80, 84, 96 96x80, 96x84, 96x96
120 80, 96 120x80, 120x96
144 96 144x96



Fire-Rated Doors

As the name implies, fire-rated doors are specially designed to ensure the safety of building occupants against the precariousness of fire incidents. The rating word in the name means that the doors have specific ratings according to their heat-resistant properties. Materials like timber, gypsum, glass sections, vermiculite, aluminum, and steel are used for their construction. To ensure the safety of people, registered fire door experts certify these doors. These doors are made to make it easier for people to escape through fire which is why they have automatic sensors that get alerted when there is fire. 

Official authorities in many states make the usage of fire-rated doors compulsory in buildings as an assurance of individuals’ safety. 

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors are famous for their sound-resistance properties. Soundproofing seals are installed at different spots on the door to make sure the confined area is soundproof. Acoustic insulation requirements in space call for the installation of certified soundproof or acoustic doors. Also, acoustic doors can be used with glass visors to adorn the room décor. 

Essentially, these doors are constructed to prevent the spread of noise and vibration. Thanks to the insulation engineering that makes sound insulation inside a room possible. Famous sound-resistance insulation materials include aluminum, PVC, and timber. 

Glass Doors

You must have noticed that glass doors are more commonly seen in large spaces or offices. That’s because they make a space look open and let you see through it. The second feature is especially useful in offices where bosses need to check on their employees from their offices. 

Just like bi-folding doors, they allow natural light to enter your space. If you notice, when we enter a space full of light, especially natural light, we naturally feel good and motivated. That’s what the use of glass doors in offices does for employees; it uplifts their mood by allowing natural light into the space. Along with that, in the winter, individuals can automatically save on energy expenses as less energy is consumed. 

Flush Doors

Flush doors are aesthetically pleasing with facings on both sides. They are most commonly found in public and residential buildings. Flush doors are for those who look for natural light, ventilation, security, and privacy. 

Termites, borer, and fungus cannot penetrate flush doors. This aspect of flush doors undoubtedly makes these doors a popular choice for many homeowners. Also, anti-deviation is not an issue with flush doors. 

Final Thoughts

All doors have different uses and purposes. To complement the interior design of buildings and suit different applications, they come in a variety of styles and designs. Be it a front door, an interior door, or a commercial door, each type of door contains its own features and pros. The best way to select the right door is to consider what you aim to have after installing the door. That way you can make the right choice.